Artemis is a privately owned and truly independent fiduciary services provider based in the Channel Islands.

Artemis is a licensed fiduciary and independent financial services business established in 2001. Our firm is widely recognised for the depth of our experience in managing and dealing with complex trust, corporate and family office structures and providing extensive administration services to meet the needs of our clients.

We have formed genuine and meaningful partnerships with our clients over our 20+ year history. We focus on preservation of family wealth for the next generation and beyond by providing bespoke solutions which are tailored to our clients’ needs, ensuring transparency and objectivity in every decision.

We are approachable and accessible which is facilitated by our flat organisational structure and short decision-making chain. Our responsiveness not only allows us to offer our services at a competitive rate but also allows for quick, agile and flexible solutions.

  • We provide transparency but understand the client’s right to privacy.
  • We focus on preservation of family wealth for the next generation and beyond to give wealth creators a sense of security and peace of mind.
  • We help to protect the capital value of assets through sound and effective management.
  • We have a flexible and knowledgeable approach to managing complex structures and transactions.
  • Being independent allows us flexibility to work with our clients’ existing advisers and to provide recommendations as required.
  • We collaborate with a well-respected network of trusted professionals from Guernsey and elsewhere.
  • We are experienced in administering structures based in other jurisdictions and are able to bring a high level of oversight and governance to complex, international organisations.
  • We recognise the opportunities in the private wealth sector to enable our clients to structure their wealth in a sustainable way.
  • We focus on efficiency by using technology and automation to drive value for money for our client.
  • Guernsey’s trust and corporate structures are designed to protect, sustain and grow wealth and, with over 800 years of constitutional independence, the island provides a safe and stable environment for private wealth.
  • Guernsey is equally committed to international standards of transparency and the client’s right to privacy. The island is known for its financial services community which provides a breadth and depth of expertise for a sophisticated client base.
  • Guernsey is a British Crown dependency, with its own constitution and benefits from political and economic independence and stability.
  • Guernsey has an established fiduciary law and robust judicial system committed to preventing tax evasion and is regulated to the highest international standards.
  • Structures established in Guernsey can span several generations as we are not restricted to a limited lifespan.
  • Guernsey is a tax neutral jurisdiction. There are no estate, gift, inheritance or capital gains taxes in Guernsey.
  • Guernsey contributes its expertise and experience as a global finance centre to the fulfilment of the UN sustainability goals through the work of Guernsey Green Finance.

    Artemis stands for independence, innovation and integrity. The long-term interests of our clients are at the heart of everything we do. This long term view keeps us focused on the future driving our investments in people and technology and ensuring that sustainability – of our relationships, our business, our island and our planet – is at the forefront of our minds.


    Guernsey prides itself on a reputation for openness and transparency. We understand that in such an environment the need for client confidentiality remains. We work with our clients to effectively implement systems to work in unison with such legislation, not only ensuring transparency but also affording clients the confidence that personal data remains out of the reach of those not entitled to access it. We have invested in the highest standards of information security to safeguard your information and data.

    Artemis is the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt, the protector of animals and is known as the “silver goddess”. The name “Artemis” signifies our commitment to clients to preserve and protect their wealth and structures. The Artemis bow is symbolic of the crescent moon and the arrow the primary weapon used to hunt and protect. Artemis is known for focus and decisiveness.

    The Artemis brand was refreshed in 2023 to reflect a dynamic and vibrant independent firm with a modern approach to business and technology. The colours were chosen to reflect our commitment to sustainability and our friendly approach.

    “We have a wealth of experience in dealing with both complex family office style arrangements and our flat management structure allows us to offer our services on a cost competitive basis.”