The Value of Independence

Artemis is a privately owned and truly independent fiduciary services provider specialising in private client services including trust and company administration. We take a global view, navigating international regulations, compliance requirements and multi-jurisdictional structures for modern families. We provide bespoke, effective and professional solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our independence means we can collaborate with trusted professionals such as lawyers, investment managers and tax advisers to offer clients a bespoke service. We are expert trust and estate practitioners, using our combined knowledge of complex family matters for the benefit of our clients.

The value of independence translates into quick, commercially minded decision making, underpinned by a philosophy of service and agility. We are committed to investing in people, systems and technology to achieve value for money for our clients and to ensure we handle their affairs efficiently and effectively whilst meeting the highest standards of regulation and governance.

Our 20-year history, long-term relationships and an expert team combine to ensure our clients and partners feel secure and cared for, without losing sight of the need for objectivity and honesty.

We provide forward-thinking, personalised and commercial solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our experienced team, including our trusted pool of advisors, are focused on the preservation of family wealth and the long-term interests of our clients, ensuring structures are carefully tailored to suit both private and corporate clients. Good governance, financial intelligence and objectivity are integral to our business and provide a sense of security and peace of mind.

Artemis understands that trust takes time to build and can be broken in a moment, and is committed to always acting with objectivity, honesty and transparency.

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Artemis facilitates the establishment, provision and administration of Guernsey Foundations and Employee Benefit Trusts (EBT).  Artemis have significant experience in providing trustee services and employment incentive arrangements and oversight.

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Our team have the knowledge and experience to manage complex corporate structures and transactions and work collaboratively with our clients and advisers to promote and maintain the highest standards of corporate governance. The use of companies, either stand-alone or as an integral part of more complex structures, provides many planning and risk-mitigation opportunities. We provide a full company incorporation and administration service including provision of corporate or personal directors, company secretaries, registered offices, nominee shareholding facilities and accountancy services.

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Artemis has experience of providing family office services and working alongside existing family offices to provide support and expertise to sustain and protect wealth for current and future generations. We have expertise in managing both financial and physical assets such as property, aircraft, yachts, vehicles and artwork. We can navigate the legal and regulatory environment in conjunction with trusted advisers to ensure new family offices are established in accordance with all applicable laws.

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Artemis also provide a wide range of client services provided by teams of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable professionals supported by a network of external advisers who are leaders in their field.

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