Artemis provides tailored fiduciary services, designed and delivered for successful wealth preservation. We establish, manage and administer a wide range of structures, from the planning and formation of trusts to the administration and management of assets. Our team are experienced in understanding the complex legal, tax and reporting issues involved, ensuring the long term goals for their wealth are met. We believe that whatever the circumstances and needs, our clients should have the benefit and comfort of a detailed and bespoke plan to successfully achieve their financial goals, with the opportunity of speaking with key relationship contacts regularly and meeting your trustees on an annual basis.

Trust formation

Trusts are a highly flexible and a well proven method of confidential succession, wealth and inheritance planning. Trusts provide governance, financial benefits and management controls for the long-term preservation of wealth. Our fiduciary services help to bring order, objectivity and stability to complicated financial and family arrangements. Artemis has experience in Guernsey law trusts as well as other key jurisdictions.

The purpose of trusts:

  • Flexible, cross-jurisdictional, multi-generational succession planning
  • Preservation of wealth
  • Confidentiality
  • Structured mitigation or deferral of taxation

Trust administration

We offer the full suite of trust administration services and work with both large established investment managers or smaller asset managers with new funds. Our bespoke and personal approach is what makes us stand out from our competitors. We have existing relationships with reputable and well-regarded law and audit firms, so together we can build a successful and long-lasting network of support for our clients. Our highly qualified professionals oversee the effective administration of structures. We also offer accounting and reporting services and the coordination of banking and investment relationships, all tailored to our clients’ needs.

“Whilst we deal primarily with Guernsey Law Trusts, Artemis has experience of multiple Trust Law jurisdictions, including the US, Jersey and the UK.”


Artemis facilitates the establishment, provision and administration of Guernsey Foundations. A foundation is a corporate entity that has characteristics of both a company and a trust, providing sufficient characteristics for civil law jurisdictions to recognise them and make them an attractive option for succession and estate planning purposes. Foundations do not have any shareholders, and assets are held for the benefit of beneficiaries or for a specified purpose which can be created as charitable, non-charitable, or a mixture of both. It operates in accordance with its constitution and rules.

Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs)

An EBT essentially is a trust used to provide benefits to the employees of a company as the benefits can be very varied as can the way they are provided. The trust instrument will be similar to a standard discretionary trust but with specific provisions.

Advantages of an EBT:

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Tax mitigation
  • Asset protection
  • The use of an independent trustee. Since the trustee is required to act in the interests of the beneficiaries, the participants gain comfort that their interests are being looked after and to avoid potential conflicts of interest.
Artemis provides a wide range of corporate services including company incorporation, administration, provision of corporate or personal directors, company secretary, registered office, nominee shareholding facilities and accountancy services. The use of companies, either standalone or as an integral part of more complex structures, provides many planning and risk-mitigation opportunities. Artemis is experienced in administering structures based in other jurisdictions, bringing a high level of oversight and governance to complex, international organisations. Our governance structure is robust and matches the requirements of the corporate clients we work with. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in managing complex structures and transactions, working collaboratively with our clients and advisers.
“Artemis provides full company incorporation, administration, provision of corporate or personal directors, company secretary, registered office, nominee shareholding facilities and accountancy services.”

Our dedicated family office team are well versed to partner with your trusted advisers and wealth managers. We are able to tailor bespoke arrangements offering specialist management services for international ultra high net worth families.

Our team understands the complexities and dynamics that stem from generations of wealth creation, and the importance of having a personalised understanding of our clients’ requirements, interests, obligations and wishes.

Our services include:

  • Day-to-day administration and management of a family’s affairs
  • Lifestyle management including niche luxury assets
  • Family governance and oversight of wealth
  • Centralised management and oversight of investments, estate planning and philanthropic planning
  • Considerations for alternative investment solutions

Our primary intention is to ensure that our clients are able to enjoy their lifestyles, happy in the understanding that their assets are protected and well managed for the generations to come.

“Artemis provides full company incorporation, administration, provision of corporate or personal directors, company secretary, registered office, nominee shareholding facilities and accountancy services.”

We also provide a wide range of client services provided by teams of qualified, experienced and knowledgable professionals supported by a network of external advisers who are leaders in their field.

Our services include:

  • Company secretarial and governance
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Risk and compliance
  • HR & payroll services

“We can tailor all of our services to meet your individual needs.”

Board of Directors

Residency of a company can often be brought into question when the board of directors is made up of individuals not based in the jurisdiction of incorporation. Artemis offers the services of our in-house Corporate Director on all companies we incorporate and administer to ensure a board presence on-island. Our Corporate Director has a board consisting of senior management staff and effective management and control, ensuring a large number of available signatories and therefore swift and efficient company administration.

Financial Statements

Guernsey companies are required to produce annual financial statements by law. Artemis’ in-house team of accountants ensures that this is achieved for all of our clients. Whilst we are not averse to those who wish to outsource accounting requirements, our clients can be safe in the knowledge that our highly qualified and experienced team are more than happy to cater for any accounting needs should they be required. We are experienced in dealing with accounting standards in jurisdictions across the globe.


Our experienced professionals can meet your reporting requirements, whether to comply with regulations (such as CRS, FATCA, economic substance, tax reporting and investor reporting) or for your own peace of mind (such as management reports, budgets and forecasting and consolidated reporting of investments).