Trusts and corporate structures provide governance, financial benefits and management controls for the long-term preservation of wealth. Our fiduciary services help to bring order, objectivity and stability to complicated financial and family arrangements. Artemis has experience in Guernsey law trusts as well as Jersey, the US and the UK. 

There are two main types of trusts:

A discretionary trust allows for the distribution of assets to all or some of a class of beneficiaries at the sole discretion of the trustee. 

This type of trust is a particularly flexible arrangement, granting the trustee wide power over the distribution of both capital and income in accordance with any specific parameters set forth within the trust deed itself. 

The trustee might be guided by an associated letter of wishes, provided by the settlor, suggesting the way in which the fund might be utilised. 

It allows us to manage wealth across multiple generations. We recognise the importance of sustainability and the expectations of a new generation of wealth creators. 

A fixed interest trust differs from its discretionary alternative. It identifies the specific beneficiaries who are to benefit from the trust fund and, in turn, stipulates exactly what benefit should arise and when. 

By way of an example, the most common form of fixed interest trust would be a 'life interest trust', whereby income generated by the trust assets would belong to a certain beneficiary or beneficiaries during their lifetime by right, and thereafter the capital assets of the trust would be dealt with as directed in the trust deed – perhaps distributed in part or in their entirety to another group of beneficiaries, or maybe even held upon further trusts to provide a fund for future generations. 

Artemis is trusted to act on behalf of beneficiaries, maintaining the highest standards of governance, fiduciary responsibility and family management strategies. Your clients’ best interests are at the heart of our decisions.  

The Purpose of Trusts


  • To preserve confidentiality of asset holding and to protect, inter alia, legitimate family wealth and structuring. 
  • To dispose of the beneficial ownership of assets prior to taking up residence or becoming domiciled in a country with high gift, capital or income taxes, political instability or forced heirship. 
  • To provide a pension fund for the benefit of employees of a business. 
  • Whilst we deal primarily with Guernsey law trusts, Artemis has experience of multiple trust law jurisdictions, including the US, Jersey and the UK."
  • To motivate employees by providing benefits under terms of an employment benefit trust. 
  • To facilitate the creation of a collective investment scheme, for either public or private use. 
  • The structured mitigation or deferral of taxation. 

"Whilst we deal primarily with Guernsey Law Trusts, Artemis has experience of multiple Trust Law jurisdictions, including the US, Jersey and the UK."

The Trustee


In Guernsey, a trust requires two individual trustees unless a corporate trustee is appointed. The utilisation of a Guernsey corporate trustee is particularly helpful in facilitating the professional daily administration of a trust, and greatly assists in ensuring the residency of the trust for tax purposes. Artemis Trustees Limited acts as a corporate trustee on the island and is licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. Our individual directors are also able to act as professional personal trustees where required.



Under the terms of trust legislation in Guernsey, the public filing of trust deeds and trust accounts is not required. There is also no necessity for trusts to be registered, thus confidentiality is assured; however, Guernsey has also developed a very effective legal and financial framework surrounding this successful trust and company legislation. We remain internationally recognised as a highly transparent and highly regulated jurisdiction, setting the global standard for anti-money laundering and due diligence procedures.



Guernsey-based structures can offer a wide array of advantages from a personal and a corporate tax perspective. A Guernsey trust, for example, with a settlor and beneficiaries resident outside of the island, will not have any local tax liability on income arising outside of the island, nor will there be any liability to local income tax on bank deposit interest arising within the island. Guernsey does not apply any taxes on capital gains.