Our Company Services

The use of companies, either stand-alone or as an integral part of more complex structures, provides many planning and risk-mitigating opportunities.

Though renowned for its trust legislation, Guernsey is perhaps better known as a global market leader in professional company administration. The Companies (Guernsey) Law 2008 is considered a template by many fledgling offshore jurisdictions, and our regulatory procedures are second to none.

A Guernsey company is perhaps one of the most well-regulated and highly regarded offshore financial vehicles available today.

This coupled with Artemis’ considerable experience and our expert administration teams mean we are well placed to deal with all manner of bespoke company requests; from offshore employment and the mining of precious metals, drilling for oil and gas, all the way to global property holding, data centre administration, and even blockchain technology start-ups, there is very little of which Artemis do not have successful administrative experience.

"Artemis provides full company incorporation, administration, provision of corporate or personal directors, company secretary, registered office, nominee shareholding facilities and accountancy services."



Guernsey prides itself on a reputation for openness and transparency, and indeed the implementation of the Guernsey Beneficial Ownership Register is testament to that fact. We at Artemis understand that in such an environment the need for client confidentiality remains, and work with our clients to effectively implement systems to work in unison with such legislation, ensuring transparency but also affording clients the confidence that personal data remains out of reach of those not entitled to access it. 


Board of Directors


Residency of a company can often be brought into question when the board of directors is made up of individuals not based in the jurisdiction of incorporation. Artemis offer the services of our in-house corporate director on all companies we incorporate and administer to ensure a board presence on-Island. Our corporate director itself has a board consisting of senior management-level staff and effective management and control, ensuring a large number of available signatories and therefore swift and efficient company administration.


Financial Statements


Guernsey companies are required to produce annual financial statements by law, and Artemis’ in-house team of accountants work tirelessly to ensure that this is the case for all of our clients. Whilst we are not averse to clients who wish to outsource accounting requirements, you can be safe in the knowledge that our highly qualified and experienced team are more than happy to cater for any accounting needs should they be required.

In addition to Guernsey, Artemis are experienced in dealing with jurisdictions across the globe.